Netwurx News May 2012

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We thought it was time for another newsletter to kick off summer. =
We have some reminders and some new services available. We will be =
working hard this summer on upgrading existing towers and we hope, i=
nstalling some new ones. More on that to come in following newslette=

New Wireless Location reminder & Mothers day Special!

We have a new tower up in Johnson Creek, if you or =
someone you know live around that area give us a call.

We have a new tower up in Hartford at a great location on th=
e new water tower. It has some faster gear on it so If you are int=
erested in speeding things up let us know
As a reminder, the Horicon wireless tower is up and running,=
if you are in the area give us a call.

MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL – Existing customers that convert =
from dialup /DSL or new customers that signup for one of these =
three towers receive $100 off the canopy gear and 1 free month if t=
hey sign up in May.

Remember if someone signs up for wireless services and uses your =
name as a referral you get a month free!

New Domain Services

We have some new web site design packages available to you. If yo=
u are interested in getting your own space contact us today, we can =
setup a domain name, email and web design all in one phone call. Loo=
king to promote your business online or maybe you want to have a per=
sonal site but you don’t have the time, knowledge or money to develo=
p one yourself. Give us a call or shoot us an email, we have afforda=
ble hosting and site development packages that should fit your needs=

Data Backup Services -Safewurx

We offer the perfect online backup system for you. It is safe, se=
cure, and offers automatic and quiet protection. You can’t even tell=
its running. Services start as low as $6.95 a month. Just think for=
a minute, what would you do if your computer crashed right now. All=
that data lost. With Safewurx, we have you covered.

Voice Services

Did you know Netwurx now offers voice services for businesses=3F No =
matter the size of your company, give us a call so we can work wi=
th you on your phone system needs.

Scam Email reminder

We have not seen as many of these lately but we think it’s a good =
reminder,=A0 these emails ask you for personal information such as =
your passwords and birthdates etc. Some of the email is disguised as=
coming from the IRS or USPS. These are scams, remember NEVER give y=
our passwords out to ANYONE asking via email. If you ever have any q=
uestions on a piece of email, if it is valid or not and would like t=
o ask us, feel free to forward it.

Staff Tips
Wisconsin weather and spring storms can sometimes be a concern. We wan=
ted to remind you the only possible way to be completely safe from pow=
er surges damaging your equipment, is to unplug it during electrical s=
torms. Small surge arrestors and power strips just do not offer enough=
to keep your systems completely safe.
Our staff would like to also remind you on occasion, systems do need t=
o be rebooted. If you are having trouble with your connection or compu=
ter, try rebooting it first, it may save you a phone call. If you find=
yourself having to reboot a lot, please give us a call so we can chec=
k over some stats and pinpoint the problem for you.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please let us know. We=
are happy to help.

Enjoy the weather!

Netwurx 35 E. Sumner St. Hartford WI 53027