Wire Rope Slings & Assemblies

Eye & Eye Wire Rope Slings

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Multi-Leg Wire Rope Slings

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“Tough-Lock™” and “Cable-Flex™” slings are uniquely constructed unlike various return wire loop types. Note that our five step manufacturing process, commonly referred to as a “Flemish” splice, results in 100% breaking strength promoting additional safety! Further testing proved increased efficiency and greater work load limits.

Work load limits will be reduced when less than 90 degrees from horizontal. (See Efficiency Chart) Angles of less than 30 degrees are not to be used. Inspect before use. Additional requirements and safe operating practices are outlined in current OSHA, Federal Register Part 29, 1910.184 and ASME B30.9 c-2013. Death or injury can occur from improper use or maintenance!


10 Mechanical Flemish Eye Splice Wire Rope Slings

  1. Safety splicing technique provides 100% efficiency in achieving working loads!
  2. Extra-improved plow steel 6 x 26 construction for increased flexibility & abrasion!
  3. Independent wire rope core eliminates crushing & offers greater design load ratings!
  4. Permanent engraved metal ID tags shows manufacturer, ratings, diameter, length, part number, serial number and warnings!
  5. All “Tough-Lock™” slings adhere and comply with current specifications of OSHA, ASME B30.9c-2000 Wire Rope Technical, and Associated Wire Rope Fabricators!


  1. 33 Mechanical Flemish Eye Splice Wire Rope Slings
  2. The optimum amount of “Flexibility” in a wire rope sling!
  3. Comprised of over 900 soft wires for a super extra flexible wire rope sling!
  4. Rust free galvanized wire rope construction!
  5. 100% efficiency splice of wire rope breaking strength!


Slings feature a taper and concealed splice closure of the loop eye allowing the rigger to pull the sling free under the load – CAUTION, these slings are rated lower in work load limits, refer to capacity chart.


  1. Multi-Leg sling bridles feature equal “Tough-Lock™” work load limit efficiencies and promote safety.
  2. Providing easier and safer balanced load distribution.
  3. Manufactured with heavy duty thimbles at all bearing connections for increased wear and sling life.
  4. Using alloy eye hooks to reduce abrasion and increase life.
  5. Latch kits assuring safe and secure rigging.


Wire rope is made of wire strands and a core.  The center wire is a round shaped wire used as the body member.  Around this body member a group of wires are helically laid to form a strand.  The strands are supported by the core, thus making up what we refer to as the wire rope diameter, which is utilized in manufacturing our wire rope slings.

The greater the number of wires in a strand, the more flexibility in the wire rope.  The lower or less amount of wires in a strand the stiffer the wire rope.  The center core may be made with a polypropylene Fiber Center (FC) or with a steel Independent Wire Rope Center (IWRC).

Our established standard in manufacturing wire rope slings is by the use of a unique 6×26 steel core construction promoting both flexibility and high resistance to abrasion.  Utilizing the highest grade of steel commonly referred to as an Extra-Improved Plow Steel (EIPS) construction to further provide you with superior load ratings, increased design factor, and ultimately the highest breaking strength in a wire rope sling!

In an ever-changing global market, we also offer you, the customer, the “preferred” choice of domestic or imported wire, compromising neither quality workmanship, nor designed operating work load limits.