Netwurx News February 2012

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If you get this message twice, we are very sorry, we had a problem se=
nding it out the first time.

We have been working hard at Netwurx adding some new towers and working =
on a new spam filter system as well as a new customer end billing portal. We thought we would send a lette=
r out to let you know about changes that were made.

New Wireless Locations

We have a new tower up in Johnson Creek, if you know someone out that w=
ay or you yourself live out that way and are interested in wireless please =
give us a call.
We have a new tower up in Hartford as well at a great location on the n=
ew water tower. It has some faster gear on it so If you are interested in s=
peeding things up let us know
Also as a reminder, the Horicon wireless tower is up and running, if yo=
u are in the area give us a call.

Remember if someone signs up for wireless services and uses your name as=
a referral you get a month free!

Future Tower Locations

We are looking at a new wireless sites in Beaver Dam, Elkhorn, and Delav=
an. If you would like to get on our future towers list for these areas plea=
se give us a call or email in so we can add you to the list and contact you=
right away when it goes live.


We have a new, friendlier billing portal that was just activated today, =
if you are interested in paying your bill online please check it out at You will need=
your log in information if you do not already know it, you can email us fr=
om an address we have on file and we will send it to you.

To make a payment log in to https:/=
Once you log in on the left click Make a payment under Billing
Select the invoice you wish to pay
Select a payment type
Make your payment and click submit

That’s it! easy as pie, you can also look over the services you have with u=

Email & Spam Filtering

As you may know about a month ago we emailed out a notice about the Barr=
acuda spam filter we were using. It was no longer functioning as it should =
have been so we took it off line. We have since worked to put new spam filt=
er cluster running to replace the barracudas. We have been using it on our =
major end-user email domains for testing for three weeks now and it has bee=
n working well. During that time we haven’t seen any problems. So far is s=
eems to be much faster than the barracudas so queue delays shouldn’t happen=
as they were some times before.

There isn’t any white listing or other per-user settings. What we found =
on the Barracuda, their system-wide settings (including blocklists) would o=
verride the per user whitelists which would overwrite the changes people ma=
de to the per user settings causing confusion.

If someone emailing in is on a black list, they will get a bounce back m=
essage telling them they are and giving them info they can pass to their ma=
il administrator on how to get off a blocklist.

We use the following popular blocklists:

Any known viruses the sever sees will be removed. This does not mean you=
can uninstall your virus scanner! It just means if the server does see a v=
irus that it knows about, the email will be deleted. Now that we have our s=
pam filtering in place, we are able to work on a new mail server. We will e=
mail you again before any disruptions in service.

Referral Credits

We would like to remind you of the referral credits we give out here. If=
someone signs up for service and uses your name as a referral when they do=
, you get a free month!

Scam Emails

Also we have seen a lot of spoofing emails going around lately, these em=
ails ask you for personal information such as your passwords and birthdates=
etc. Some of the email is disguised as coming from the IRS or USPS. These =
are scams, remember NEVER give your passwords out to ANYONE asking via emai=
l. If you ever have any questions on a piece of email, if it is valid or no=
t and would like to ask us, feel free to forward it.

Stay warm!

Netwurx 35 E. Sumner St. Hartford WI 53027