“Guardian” ID Tag System

NOW AVAILABLE….“Guardian” ID Tag System

The ORIGINAL Guaranteed ID tag:

Synthetic Sling ID Tag System

The only guaranteed synthetic sling ID tag on the market. Each and every synthetic sling we make has this ID tag attached.

Every synthetic sling ID tag we make comes with:

  • Inspection sheet w/ care, use and maintenance information.
  • 2-Part design – 2 lines of defense
  • Extra heavy gauge, super double polished clear cover w/ Ultra-Violet & MR inhibitors, and Flame Retardant treated.
  • Serial numbers for inspection criteria and trace ability.
  • Easy to Read–Oversize letters & numbers (visible easily from 8 ft)
  • High Quality American made materials, dyed safety orange w/ specialty formulated Thermal printing.
  • Private  name label option at minimal charge.

Our Guarantee

The seller/manufacturer guarantees our exclusive “Guardian” sling ID tag for up to 18 months from date of purchase. Provided the STRICT compliance to all suggested sling care, use, and maintenance criteria is followed. There is no implied life span due to the many variables that may affect the sling ID tag integrity; however, if failure of tag occurs during normal usage, we will replace sling, or inspect, proof test, and retag existing sling accordingly at no charge. This replacement clause applies ONLY to the sling ID tag materials and workmanship. All DD Sling & Supply slings shall be tagged in accordance to ASME B390-2014 which include the following: name or manufacturers trademark, code or stock number, rated loads for types of hitch (es) used and the angle upon which it is used, In addition, tag will have individualized serial number and integrated caution/warning section. ALWAYS follow manufacturers suggested care, use, and maintenance recommended guidelines. See general product catalog or contact factory directly for additional information.